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Aim High When Bowling

By:, 6/9/17

Aim high when bowling. If you are a skilled and experienced bowler, aim high and try to win on any and every bowling occasion.

Always bowl for the win. If you want your competitive game to improve, plan to win.

It is easy to bowl with passion and to try and close out your opponent when you are on top of your game, but it becomes far more challenging when you are struggling to make or repeat quality shots.

It is times like this when you must rely on your character, never give up, and try to make a good shot every time you possibly can.

Use a visualization technique you carefully develop where you can see yourself making a good shot, and then another, on your way to winning.

If you can see it in your mind, you can do it on the lanes.

Avoid just showing up to bowl your competition, rather show up with a plan in mind how you will perform, with your equipment properly prepared and ready for use, and an enthusiasm to bowl.

Part of a sound mental game preparation is to see the result before attempting the task, feeling the movements before actually doing them, and then trusting the result will happen as visualized.

See it feel it, and trust it.

Although nothing is perfect or works every time, using the powers of your mind to prepare for competition is proven to be extremely effective. Aim high when bowling.

Another factor common to top tier players is using a pre-shot routine where you set your mind before stepping onto the approach to bowl. You may have the desire, determination and dedication to perform your best but you must use the technique of getting ready to bowl both mentally and physically. Keep the end goal in mind but prepare one shot at a time. That is a winning formula.


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