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Strategies In Bowling Visualization

By:, Originally Posted: 5/16/16; Updated: 1/19/2024

As an experienced bowler, learning more about the strategies in bowling visualization is an important psychological skill.

In bowling, visualization can be used to help you prepare for important competition by building confidence and by relaxation as you prepare for competition.

A goal of the visualization process is to use what you have learned and what you have trained to do.

Visualization is used most effectively as part of your mental routine prior to your competitive sessions.

Visualization allows you to see circumstance you face in competition such as making successful adjustments in hitting the pocket.

You can visualize converting all your spares and avoiding open frames.

When you hit the pocket, visualize carrying the corner pins.

Visualize your bowling ball delivery path as the ball travels down the lane to the pocket.

Visualize your striking out the tenth frame by making one good shot at a time.

The power of inner confidence developed by a visualization process helps you see making good shots when bowling competitively.

Outer confidence helps you see a positive result such as making one good shot and getting the key strike needed to win.

Visualization breeds confidence simply by allowing you to maintain concentration.

Since focus and concentration are important parts of your pre-shot routine, use this time to prepare to execute a good shot and see the result before you bowl.

Relax while you bowl to conserve energy so your powers of concentration do not lapse during competition.

The bottom line is to relax, use mental imagery to see the results of what you prepare to do, and reduce stress to a manageable level as you gear for meaningful competition.

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