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Add Some Fun Back Into Your Bowling

By:, 6/10/16

Updated 6/17/2020

As a top tier player, you are likely to get frustrated from time to time when things do not go your way in competition. Or you may find yourself losing your competitive edge.

One solution is to add some fun back into your bowling.

Find ways of re-introducing yourself to the things about bowling you thoroughly enjoyed when you first began to bowl.

In fact, go back in your memory and think about what made you return to bowl for a second time. How about after you rolled your first 200 plus game; did you enjoy that moment?

If you find yourself a bit stale with your game and are simply getting frustrated and lacking any enjoyment, restore your energy level by relaxing and finding ways to have some old-fashioned fun while competing.

Let’s face it, if you are reading these articles on this site, you are likely not trying to make a living bowling!

Why not enjoy the competition you get in leagues and tournaments and seek ways of enjoying the game as you once were able to do.

Every talented player gets stuck in a rut from time to time. Determination to perform well again and renew that competitive spark is what will also initiate fun.

Look inside the elements of your game and find ways of focusing on the keys which have helped you bowl well in the past. In doing so, you may find a new commitment to your game and find yourself looking forward to bowling and enjoying the time you spend on the lanes.

Here are a few specifics to help you move in the right direction:

*Review your strike alignment system.

*Double check your walking tempo and your swing tempo to gain that smooth and connected feeling.

*Zoom in on your sighting target challenging yourself to improve your accuracy.

*Trust your time tested adjustments when the lanes change causing you to miss the pocket.

*Dedicate yourself to shooting spares.

*Keep your bowling ball equipment surfaces refreshed and/or refinished and ready for use to restore a reliable ball reaction.

Success is a pivotal tool in reviving your enthusiasm and fun for the game; it is surprising how quickly you will regain interest and enjoy yourself in competition when you hit the pocket consistently and reduce or eliminate open frames.

By paying attention to the little details of the game can help you trigger renewed enthusiasm for competition.

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