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Your Bowling Brain

If you truly wish to improve your game regardless of your present skill level or bowling average range, allow your bowling brain to do the job.

Your brain commands your body how to move, when to move, and where to move.

Producing ideal results is developed by inputting useful information into your brain so, in turn, your brain can instruct your body what to do next.

If you assume excessive physical training during practice helps you develop muscles memory, you are mistaken. Muscles are trained and developed so they can react upon command from your brain, but they have no memory.

Your brain has memory. Your brain initiates action.

If you have input good information into your mind, you can expect to get good physical results.

A combination of physical training and inputting smart and useful bowling information into your brain, results in your best chances at making good deliveries and bowling well.

Things like remembering how to walk to the foul line with good tempo and direction starts with your brain commanding you to do so.

The decision where to align yourself to properly play a given lane condition begins by using and trusting the information you have inputted into your brain, so your brain can command your body where to line up on the lanes.

The brain can be trained at any age to learn new tasks.

This re-training is also known as the science of neuroplasticity and is a proven function of the brain.

We can teach “Old dogs” new tricks if we allow our brain to be exposed to positive data, and we prepare our bodies to respond when called upon.

Don’t line up on the approach and simply wish for a good shot and a strike.

Instead, use your mind to trust your existing knowledge in making good bowling shots and in playing the lanes effectively.

If you are well practiced, your chances of achieving good results are improved. Your bowling brain is your best friend. Invite your brain to be a big part of your bowling sessions.