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Why Protect Your Bowling Ball Surface

Why protect your bowling ball surface? Because keeping your equipment ready for use provides a consistent ball reaction and requires little effort on your part.

Simply cleaning and texturing your bowling ball surface upon completion of competitive bowling sessions helps you have your bowling ball surfaces ready to go the next time you step on the lanes.

More than ever, the modern coverstocks require regular maintenance to provide consistent reactivity and performance.

It makes sense to protect your investment in these high tech bowling balls by cleaning and texturing the surfaces yourself or stopping by your favorite pro shop to refresh the surfaces.

If you ignore the cleaning and texturing of your ball surfaces, you will surely lose the dependable ball reaction you got when the ball was new and first drilled.

Take responsibility and keep the surfaces of your equipment clean of lane oil, dirt, smudges, nicks and scratches. Use the coarseness of grit pad to help you get the traction on the lane you seek.

If you just put your ball back in your bag after use and never clean the lane oil or dirt off of the surface of the ball, you will surely lose reactivity.

If you do not texture the ball to ensure you get the desired amount of traction on the lane surface, you will see a reduced amount of effective ball reaction.

It is recommended to use a ball cleaner and hand towel after each session to wipe off remaining oil on the ball. In fact, there are liquid ball cleaners cleared for use during competition to help keep your ball clean of dirt or lane oil.

It is also recommended to carry and use varying coarseness grit pads to texture the ball as needed to restore gripping traction on the lane surface.

When using grit pads by hand, use a light and steady pressure on the ball surface so you get an even textured surface finish.

Most of you will not get to the pro shop after each session you bowl so it makes sense to own grit pads, keep them in your accessory pouch, use them as needed, and also keep cleaning agents so you can care for the surfaces of your bowling balls between pro shop visits.

A general consensus of manufacturers is to restore or refresh your ball surface after 10-30 games, clean the ball regularly, and resurface the ball after 60 games of bowling.

With a little effort on your part, you can retain a consistent ball surface on each ball you own matched well with the lane conditions you frequently encounter.

Preserve the life of your equipment by cleaning and texturing your bowling ball surfaces routinely.

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