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Use Your Bowling Practice Games Wisely

Continuing with providing instructional articles at, we are addressing this article to our friends averaging 160 or less. If you wish to use your bowling practice games wisely, you can get the most out of your practice sessions. It is amazing how many bowlers will practice without any practice plan or organized approach to using their time on the lanes wisely.

Use your bowling practice games wisely and save money by not wasting frames and work on key physical components most important to progress during competition.

First, why roll every delivery at the pocket trying only to strike and then press the reset button for another full rack of pins? When using the reset button over and over, you waste opportunities you are paying for unless you are among the very fortunate ones who receive free bowling. Why would you waste delivery opportunities when you are paying money for the practice games? Makes little sense to do so.

Instead, if you are practicing your physical game, then continue to deliver your ball using a strike alignment even if pins remain standing on the pin deck. Maximize your allotted deliveries per game by working on specific areas of your game. Avoid pressing the reset button and wasting frames when you do not deliver a strike on the first ball of a frame.

You might consider spending time in a practice session working on your footwork or your arm swing techniques. You might spend another session working on your delivery style or on your balance when releasing the bowling ball.

You may wish to work on spares. Nothing prevents you from making alignment adjustments addressing various spare pin combinations even if all ten pins are set up on the pin deck. You can certainly roll ten consecutive deliveries toward the 10 pin or the 7 pin regardless if a full rack of pins stand or not. Use each frame and each delivery to accomplish something useful.

Of course, you can work on score and that means to literally bowl as if you are in competition where your scores are recorded. You can bowl with teammates or friends and rent a pair of lanes so you can alternate lanes each frame and work on your strike alignment and adjustments.

Be resourceful and use each delivery with a purpose. Whether you are working on physical game mechanics, on spares, on alignment and adjustments, or testing various bowling ball equipment, make each frame count. Discipline in your practice can be rewarding so use your bowling practice games wisely.

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