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Work Hard Today For Better Bowling Scores Tomorrow, Originally Posted: 9/1/14; Updated: 4/14/21

If you are someone new to the game or averaging 160 or below, I want to address this article to your group of bowlers.
Obvious tips we can share with you are owning your own bowling equipment. Having your bowling balls custom fit to your hand is an integral part of the game and sets you up for consistent deliveries and improving accuracy.
We also recommend using the services of an experienced bowling instructor, one who is knowledgeable working with new bowlers or ones looking to improve their game skills.
The high average bowlers seem to be steady and produce admirable scores year in and year out.
There is a reason why highly skilled players are able to do so. At some point, they developed their games where they can repeat good shots through consistent footwork, good body posture, and a reliable swing and with a stable release motion.
You can advance to that level of improved physical game skills by using the services of an experience instructor to help you identify and develop the techniques you need to improve.
Once you develop your skill set, you will notice improvement in your shotmaking, accuracy, and learn to make good alignment and adjustments decisions regardless of your age or physical strength.
By taking even just one bowling lesson, you can learn these important fundamentals of the game, if you are not already doing so.
Practice makes perfect, or near perfect when it comes to physical activities such as bowling. Putting in the work after learning good techniques from your instructor is the biggest step you can take once you understand which areas of your game require the most practice.
Once you are able to make consistent deliveries and hit your mark on the lane reasonable consistently, then you can work as hard on picking up routine spares as you do hitting the pocket and making good shots.

Starting out properly in the game gives you the best chances at success. You will enjoy your time bowling when you learn about the game, about key fundamentals of the game, and when you work at developing reliable skills to last you a lifetime.
Avoid shortcuts to save a little money when first learning the game. Your pro shop professional and your personal bowling instructor are key people to get involved in your inner circle to help you develop your game.
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