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Trouble With Your Bowling Curve, Originally Posted: 6/7/2014; Updated: 3/30/2024

If you are having trouble with your bowling curve, you are likely not seeing a consistent ball reaction.
It is important to both control your ball skid distance as well as having a controllable back end reaction so the overall path that your ball follows is something you can rely on when making alignment decisions.
Not all the problems with inconsistent ball reactions come from human error. Choosing the right ball to use on a given lane condition with a compatible drilling layout is also vital in getting a good ball reaction.
Bowling ball skid length control is the first concern you must address when selecting a ball to use on any given lane condition. If your ball skid is consistent, then you can usually depend on seeing your ball react consistently at the break point down the lane.
If your ball hooks too early in the mid-lane, you will have a difficult time getting the ball to reach the breakpoint before rolling to the pins and you might miss the pocket.
If your ball skids too far, you risk getting the ball past the break point and you could miss the pocket from over-extended skid distance.
Bowling ball skid distance in the front end of the lane is key to gaining a predictable ball reaction in the mid-lane.
Another key is to choose a ball with just the right amount of track flare so you do not see your ball hook too weakly or too sharply at various points down the lane.
Track flare correlates with the amount of back end hook motion your ball achieves once it leaves the initial front end skid phase.
Most bowling ball drillers recommend a control type drilling where your ball neither makes a very sharp hook motion at unpredictable distances down the lane nor hooks early and then loses energy on the back end of the lane.
Bowling balls with controlled reaction capabilities match pretty well with most lane conditions you will face.
Matching the skid distance and back end hook motion is the challenge any competitive bowler faces.

One thing you can be sure of and rely upon is to make certain you have at least one bowling ball in your bag which reacts with both consistent skid distance and with a controlled arc motion.
It is easy to read the lanes with a ball reacting consistently than with one which is drilled to maximize your back end hook.
The name of the game is hitting the pocket repeatedly.
If you are having trouble with your bowling curve, consult with your pro shop professional to make sure you are using equipment which best matches the lanes where you bowl.
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