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The Step Before Your Bowling Slide

By:, 6/14/17

The step before your bowling slide sets you up to stay down and through with your shot.

There can be no better tip than to remain balanced, to stay in form, and to be in position to make a consistent release and to complete your swing.

By using your “pivot step” (the step before your slide step) to move smoothly under the center of your body with your knees flexing down to the level where you will release your bowling ball will stabilize your final slide step.

The strategy is to stay in form by retaining your spine angle during your pivot step and avoid straightening up your legs and raising your upper body as you begin your slide.

By remaining in an athletic posture as you enter your step before your slide, it becomes much easier sliding toward the center of your body for balance purposes and to complete your follow through swing motion without decelerating your forward swing.

If you stay down and swing through each shot you make, your chances of regulating your ball speed, your skid distance control, and your accuracy improve.

It begins with good posture leading into your pivot step.

In fact, retain the same spine angle throughout your entire approach and delivery.

Keeping your head as motionless as possible as you enter your pivot step and by retaining good knee flex during this critical step, you can drive off of your pivot step into your slide and be in a well balanced position to accurately deliver your bowling ball.

Establish a sound pre-shot routine where in addition to setting-up properly on the approach you can also exhale slightly as you walk and swing your ball. Exhaling slightly will assist you to stay relaxed and not tense your body muscles as you enter your pivot step which sets up your release. Hold your form during the step before your bowling slide and stay down and through with your shot.


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