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Better Posture, Better Bowling Swing

Good body posture promotes a good bowling arm swing. Posture is very important in retaining good balance and in making accurate deliveries, but it also serves to provide a stable platform from which you can make repetitive swings and accurate deliveries.

Establishing an athletic body posture in your stance position on the approach sets the stage for developing an effective arm swing. Once you assume an athletic posture in your set-up, maintaining that good posture throughout your approach will eliminate wasted or unneeded body motion when walking and swinging your bowling ball.

We know you want to develop good swing techniques leading to a repetitive swing, one in which you can rely on during pressure bowling situations. You know that establishing good tempo with the swing cycle leads to consistent shot making. You also know that a good swing follows a target path orientation so your delivery angle guides your ball to your sighting target on the lane.

By avoiding sudden and unnecessary body movements when walking to the foul line, you will give yourself every chance at making an effective swing and a good release of the bowling ball. It all begins with good bowling posture.

Some tips to help you retain good posture during your approach and to avoid unneeded body movements to disrupt your swing are as follows:

1. Set-up in an athletic posture in your stance position. Tilt your upper body forward about 10-15 degrees and flex your knees.

2. Ensure your bowling shoulder is about 1-3 inches below the level of your non-bowling shoulder, depending on how much you hook the ball.

3. Set your bowling shoulder slightly behind your non-bowling shoulder throughout your approach to allow for a swing path to deliver your ball on your intended target line.

4. Avoid excessive shoulder rotation while swinging the bowling ball.

5. Maintain alignment of the front-portion of your bowling shoulder toward your target as long as possible during the approach.

6. Keep your head steady with your chin at or above shoulder level to help you maintain good overall balance.

7. Retain this athletic posture and spine angle as long as possible, or at least as long as it takes to deliver your ball and hold your form at the foul line for a second or two.

8. Avoid sudden body elevation changes during your approach and delivery.

These keys will help develop a consistent swing motion and help to promote accuracy and effective hand control when delivering your ball. There is no question that good body posture helps in developing and retaining a winning swing.