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Grip And Rip Your Bowling Ball

Updated 12/2/2020

If you are a bowler who drops the ball behind the foul line and you do not have a good deal of strength, grip and rip your bowling ball.

Bowlers have been taught for years to not squeeze their bowling balls, but to use a light gripping pressure in the fingers and thumb holes. That works if you have good gripping strength and can deliver the ball at 20 mph of launch speed.

If you have slow speed and drop the ball behind the line, maybe it is time to latch on with a very firm grip and rip through your bowling ball.

In fact, you are not alone if you have slow ball speed and lose the ball behind the foul line. It will surprise you how many bowlers have a weak grip and drop the ball, killing any effective roll on the ball, and deliver the ball at a slow speed.

The remedy is to grip your ball with plenty of gripping pressure as to almost feel as though you are squeezing the ball nearly as hard as you can.

There are several good coaches who have used this technique successfully when working with bowlers who have extremely weak hand strength.

When you begin your swing cycle and move your bowling ball into the swing, make your backswing as swift as you can in getting your ball to reach the top of your backswing.

Next, allow the force of gravity to let your ball fall about 12 inches into the downswing followed by accelerating your forward swing as though you wish to delivery your ball close to or at full speed without losing balance.

Since most everything is a relative comparison to another thing, the “squeezing effect” on the bowling ball throughout your swing cycle and delivery motion is likely just the ticket to increase your ball speed, get the ball over the foul line, and put some positive release action on your bowling ball.

Grip it and Rip it.

Avoid opening your hand and allowing the ball to fall onto the approach floor. Accelerate your forward swing aggressively and follow-through to a full and complete finish position.

Your mindset should be to attack with your arm swing and deliver your ball at a top speed. Although you may feel as though you are rushing the line with your steps, your swing will move faster and your speed will increase.

The point here is to make sure you have a firm enough grip on the ball so you can control the moment you release the ball, and so you apply a relatively strong and effective finger rotation. Deliver your ball so it contacts the lane at least 12 inches beyond the foul line.

If you are having problems losing the ball behind the foul line, opening your bowling fingers and dropping your ball, try adding a good deal more gripping pressure and following through in an accelerated forward swing motion to propel the ball over the foul line. Don’t be afraid to attack the pins by using a strong grip and an accelerating arm swing.

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