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New Release: Storm Fight Bowling Ball 1/27/16

Storm Fight:

The Storm Fight features the biggest core in Storm's history, the Iron Cross symmetrical. What this does is gives the ball maximum RG and medium differential. What that will give bowlers is maximum length from the core with a strong, controllable backend reaction. Pair this with the R4S Solid Coverstock and you've got the perfect benchmark reaction. Think a Hy-Road on steroids!


Put 'em down for a dirt nap with the Storm Fight!

The all-new Iron Cross is the largest weight block storm has ever developed. This massive core boasts a giant 2.62 RG with a 0.043 Differential - perfect for retaining a huge punch and absolutely wailing on the pins.

Combined with the new R4S Solid Reactive coverstock, this ball swings and hits with amazing energy. The intimidating 2-tone red combined with a candy apple fragrance sends an undeniable message - this ball is sweet to you but puts a beating on the competition.


Here is what Storm Bowling has to say about the Fight:
The difference with the Iron Cross weight block is that it is the largest weight block Storm has ever developed. And while it was challenging to create this much flare potential in a design which retains this much axis rotation, we're confident you'll see the benefits.

The Fight is currently selling for $124.95 and rates a 202.3.