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New Release: Track Tour SiC Bowling Ball

The Track Tour SiC is the newest release from Track Bowling and features technological advancements in core construction. The i-Core present in the Tour SiC was used previously in the LX16, however in its original asymmetric state. By changing the densities of certain portions of the core, Track was able to make the i-Core transform into a symmetric core.

The core developments provide the Tour SiC with a higher RG and a lower Differential which provides extra length, controllable backend motion and maximum continuation when paired with the MR-6 Solid Reactive Coverstock. What does this mean for the bowler? The Tour SiC will give bowlers a bowling ball that has a smooth, controllable hook and forgiveness on the toughest of lane conditions. This will allow you to focus more on executing the shot and not worrying if the ball you're throwing is going to overreact or skid through the breakpoint.

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Track Tour SiC Bowling Ball