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New Release: Motiv Revolt Havoc Bowling Ball


The Motiv Revolt Havoc follows in the footsteps of the Covert Revolt and Revolt Vengeance, providing bowlers with a strong and consistent reaction on difficult lane conditions. Having a bowling ball such as this is extremely helpful when the lanes get tough. The Reaction on the Revolt Havoc is smooth throughout all parts of the lane, making adjustments easier. This purple bowling ball with black NeoMark graphics looks amazing going down the lane!

Cause some damage with the Motiv Revolt Havoc bowling ball!

 The Revolt Havoc follows in the footsteps of previous Revolt line balls, the Covert and Vengeance.

The Havoc is the perfect complement to these bowling balls because it digs in on medium-heavy oil and takes a stand.

The new Helix HFS Solid Reactive Coverstock, finished at 3000 Grit LSS reads the lane early for when there's a good amount of oil on the lane. Pair that with the proven Vanquish core and you've got a ball that reads the entire lane. It's extremely difficult to find a ball that hooks early but still provides pop at the pin deck... continuation. The Revolt Havoc does just that!

Here's what Motiv has to say about the Revolt Havoc:

Because the Revolt Havoc is incredibly strong, it is an obvious fit for speed dominant and low rev players. And because it has the unique ability to still provide tremendous continuation, the ball is also a versatile weapon for competitive bowlers that have higher rev rates. While these players typically experience a weak finish from strong equipment, they will experience outstanding continuation from the Revolt Havoc on higher volume patterns.

The Revolt Havoc is currently selling for $146.99 and rates a 220.5.
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