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New Release: Hammer Black Widow Red Legend Solid Bowling Ball

Hammer Black Widow Red Legend Solid:

The Hammer Black Widow Red Legend Solid attacks from the front with smooth continuation and predictability.

The Black Widow Red Legend Solid is the newest addition to the Black Widow line, joining the Black Widow Red Legend Pearl, Black Widow Legend and Black Widow Assassin.

The Red Legend Solid features the same core from every Black Widow release, the Gas Mask core. This is one of the greatest cores in bowling history due to its versatility and ability to create an angular but controllable ball motion.

Wrap this with the Juiced Solid coverstock finished at 500/2000 Abralon and you've got a ball with amazing hook power on medium-heavy oil conditions.

The Color Red is universal. Danger, Poison. This ball's bite is lethal: The Black Widow Red Legend Solid.

The Gas Mask Core is Hammer's Mona Lisa, a true work of art, made famous in Black Widow series. It features a medium-RG/High Diff/High MB Differential that makes it incredibly angular and an absolute menace to the pins. Compounded with the new flex resin inner core and carbon fiber outer core, this weight block throws its weight around on the pins with venomous results.

Pair this with the Juiced solid coverstock and you have even more lethal combination for heavier oil conditions and a great compliment to any of your Hammer bowling balls.

If you have needed a stronger compliment to your Black Widow Red Legend, the Solid is what you want.

Here's what Hammer has to say about the Black Widow Red Legend Solid:

The Red Legend created amazing mid-lane and back- end continuation for bowlers of all styles. The Red Legend Solid is designed to create the same overall ball motion with increased traction in oil, which makes it the perfect choice for those bowling on medium to heavy lane conditions.

The Black Widow Red Legend Solid is currently selling for $139.99 and rates a 215.9.
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