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New Release: DV8 Deviant Bowling Ball 9/30/2015

DV8 Deviant:

The new DV8 Deviant is the first ball to use the Composite Solid coverstock. The Deviant will give bowlers the perfect benchmark reaction and one that has been missing from the DV8 lineup. The Deviant has good length, as strong midlane read and a smooth, strong backend reaction. This is the type of ball that should be the first one out of your bag.

The Rules Don't Apply with the DV8 Deviant.

The brand-new Deviant Medium-RG Symmetric core features a high-RG/high differential rating that takes the ball long and hooks hard at the end.

Couple this powerhouse with the new Composite V Solid coverstock finished to a 500 Siaair/Royal Compound finish and you have a ball that digs deep on the backend, making it an ideal adversary for difficult lane conditions.

Here's what DV8 has to say about the Deviant:

The black/dark red Deviant features our new Composite V Solid coverstock matched with the new Deviant symmetric core to provide incredible all-purpose ball motion with nasty backend flip. The Deviant offers amazing versatility for a wide variety of bowling styles.

The Deviant is currently selling for $124.99 and rates a 215.5.