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New Release: Roto Grip Dare Devil Trick Bowling Ball

By: 2/23/2017

Roto Grip Dare Devil Trick:

‚ÄčThe Dare Devil Trick is the perfect complement to the original Dare Devil. Where the original went very long, with a strong backend reaction, the Dare Devil Trick has an earlier roll with a smoother backend motion. The Trick will cover a heavier volume of oil than the Dare Devil. The perfect 1-2 punch!

Keep them captivated with the Roto Grip Dare Devil Trick!

Featuring the ultra-low RG symmetrical Madcap Core, the Dare Devil Trick is designed to deliver easy mid-lane read with continuation downlane.

Combined with the Reckless Solid Coverstock, the Dare Devil trick makes short work of higher oil volumes, making this ball perfect for longer oil patterns where an early bite and continuous backend ensure victory.

Here's what Roto Grip has to say about the Dare Devil Trick:

The Dare Devil™ Trick showcases the ultra-low RG symmetrical Madcap™ core with the Reckless™ solid coverstock. This combination is sure to deliver enhanced mid-lane and continuous down lane motion.

The Dare Devil Trick is currently selling for $129.99 and rates a 212.4.


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