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New Release: Storm Optimus Solid Bowling Ball

The Optimus Solid continues the dominance of the Storm Master Line. With it's solid, sanded R2X coverstock and powered by the Tri-Sphere Symmetrical core featured also in the Optimus, the Optimus Solid is super strong and smooth on heavy oil. With the original Optimus' length and angular backend, this will make the perfect 1-2 punch for medium-heavy to heavy oil.

The Optimus with its innovative Tri-Sphere Core makes its triumphant return with the Optimus Solid - the newest addition to Storm's Master Line.

The Tri-Sphere Core features a low-RG, high differential symmetric core that gives it great length with a big move on the backend. This made the original Optimus an absolute beast at angular entry to the pins.

Wrap this powerhouse with the R2X Solid Reactive Coverstock finished to a 2000-grit Matte finish and you have a ball that hooks a little earlier and handles higher oil volumes effortlessly while retaining energy through the heads. The Red/Navy/Yellow coverstock with a Cranberry Craze scent makes it distinguished and unique from every other ball on the rack.

Show them that you're a force to be reckoned with the Storm Optimus Solid.

Here's what Storm has to say about the Optimus Solid:

Bowlers everywhere are loving this design and choosing the Optimus for a clean skid-flip reaction. But when the lane man gets evil and dumps an entire barrel of oil on your lane, you now have an even better option with the Optimus Solid thanks to the superior traction of its 2000-grit R2X shell.

The Optimus Solid is currently selling for $149.99 and rates a 216.30.
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