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New Release: Storm IQ Tour Nano

The Storm IQ Tour Nano is the newest release in Storm's master line and is scheduled to release on 12/16/2014. The IQ Tour Nano features technology from some of the greatest bowling balls the industry has ever seen - Marvel Pearl, IQ Tour Pearl, Virtual Gravity Nano - among others.

The C³ Centripetal Control Symmetric Core featured in the IQ Tour Nano changed the way we looked at core technology for high end bowling balls when it was released inside the IQ Tour Solid. A Low RG, Low Differential ball with a strong coverstock gave bowlers a strong, smooth, easy to read reaction. This reaction made bowling on tougher, heavier lane conditions much easier. For instance, PBA Tour bowlers had a ball that was strong enough for their heavier/longer patterns but wouldn't overreact or give them an inconsistent reaction.

Pair this core with the strongest coverstock Storm has ever released, the NRG Solid Reactive with Nano-Technology, and you've got a world beater.

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Storm IQ Tour Nano Bowling Ball