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New Release: Brunswick Melee Jab

Punch the pins in the mouth with the Brunswick Melee Jab!

A benchmark ball is needed by every bowler to make adjustments and reading the lane easier.

The Melee Jab features the proven low RG Melee Core which provides a predictable read throughout the entire lane. When the lanes get tough or you need to decide what type of ball the lanes are telling you to throw, this is the type of reaction you want to see. Most of the time you'll want to just stay with the Melee Jab!

The Jab is covered in the Savvy Hook Pearl coverstock which will help get the ball down the lane with ease and provide a strong reaction at the back part of the lane. Finished at 500 Siaair with Royal Compound, you'll see plenty of hook but you'll be able to control all parts of the lane.

The Melee Jab is the perfect addition to Brunswick's All-Purpose line and a great compliment to the other Melee releases.

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Brunswick Melee Jab Bowling Ball