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New Release: Storm Sky Rocket Bowling Ball


05/01/2015>br />

The Sky Rocket is the newest addition to the Storm Thunder line, the most successful line in the history of bowling. This pearl version of the Rocket has amazing length and a backend reaction that bursts towards the pocket and makes the pin take off on impact. Deep inside lines love the Sky Rocket for its ability to create enough angle to carry. With the Sky Rocket and the Rocket, you've got medium oil covered!

Take your scores into the stratosphere with the all-new Storm Sky Rocket!

The R2S Pearl Reactive has been seen on fantastic balls such as the Hy-Road Pearl, which gives fantastic length with a great backend move on medium oil conditions. This coverstock is great for when the lanes degrade throughout your session. The 1500-grit polished Sky Blue/Charcoal cover even has the fragrance of Sangria.

Wrap this core around the Booster core featured on the Rocket and you have a mid-RG/High Differential powerhouse capable of excellent length with a great angular move.

Keep ascending with the Sky Rocket, from Storm.

Here's what Storm has to say about the Sky Rocket:

...we're proud to introduce the new Sky Rocket;. Another fine addition to the Thunder line, the same line which already features the famed Hy-Road, the Sky Rocket is sure to help you open up the backends. And backend hook leads to more entry angle, a critical factor to increasing your strike percentage. Think Jason Belmonte.

The Sky Rocket is currently selling for $128.95 and rates a 199.80.