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New Release: Storm Victory Road

The most successful line of bowling balls in history, the Thunder Line, has a new addition, the Victory Road. Storm has brought back an updated version of a core used in such balls as the Black Thunder, Thunder Road Pearl, T-Road Solid and Hy-Road, the Inverted Fe3! There's a Robert Frost poem that says to take "The Road Not Taken," but why do that when you can take the Victory Road that's been walked so many times before!

We were looking for a versatile piece with a strong motion down lane. As we designed the new Victory Road, we first considered the core and then the coverstock. The success of the original Hy-Road was due in part to the core shape that created a roll pattern with ample flare that just seemed to always “get the job done.” And while it can be challenging to improve upon perfection, the inverted Fe3 technology in the new Victory Road does just that. Wrapping the re-engineered Fe3 weight block with the proper shell material is essential to realizing the benefits of both! So we chose the reliable and proven R2S material for its ability to handle a wide variety of lane conditions. With the Victory Road's straight pearl mixture, you'll go deep in the pocket while reaching shallow into your pockets!

The Victory Road is currently selling for $117.99 and rates a 185.5.