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New Release: Storm Phaze Bowling Ball 1/27/16

Storm Phaze:

The Storm Phaze introduces brand new core and coverstock design to the Storm line. The Velocity core features and Low RG/Medium High Differential, when paired with the highly polished AX-16 Pearl reactive coverstock, gives bowlers amazing length and angularity. If you're looking for a skid/flip hook on medium-heavy oil conditions, the Phaze is the ball!

Leave your competition in disbelief with the Storm Phaze!

The all-new Velocity core features brand new design elements in order to rev quick and absolutely destroy every pin in your way. The high differential/low RG combination produces a motion unlike any other seen on the Master Line.

Combined with the AX-16 Pearl Reactive coverstock, this thing doesn't quit. Finished to a 1500-Grit polished shine, it moves so effortlessly through the heads to slam into the pins. Combined with the Royal/Yellow/Copper colors and the fragrant Lemon Tart aroma, this ball screams to be noticed.


Here is what Storm Bowling has to say about the Phaze:
So, what’s this new coverstock, you might ask? It’s a shell like no other - just one look and you can see it’s completely different. The AX-16 pearl reactive has a new additive that alters the texture of the surface, creating gripping power that refuses to step down. The new Phaze is up to any challenge thrown its way, just like you.

12-13 Pound features the Centripetal Core.

White hazing/spots are normal. This can be taken off with ball cleaner.

The Phaze is currently selling for $154.95 and rates a 199.7.