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How To Get More Bowling Ball Hook, Originally Posted: 4/18/2012; Updated: 5/4/2024

If you are just now taking your game more seriously than ever and you wish to learn how to get more bowling ball hook, then gain an understanding of a few keys in doing so. Here are some tips to help you learn how to get more bowling ball hook:

1. If you are not a power player, consider the use of a wrist support device. Wrist devices will support the back of your bowling wrist from collapsing prior to the bowling ball delivery. Wrist devices possess capabilities of tilting your wrist forward to encourage a quick thumb exit from the ball before your fingers exit. If your wrist collapses before the release, your fingers will exit the ball prior to your thumb causing excessive skid of the ball with little or no hook motion. It is vital for your thumb to exit the ball before the fingers so the ball falls onto your finger pads allowing the fingers to impart a quick rotation of the ball at the "moment of release."

2. Make a pronounced rotation of your fingers at the "moment of release", perhaps two or three hours on a clock dial toward the side of the ball, to increase the axis tilt and "rev rate" of the bowling ball. A right handed bowler should visualize rotating the fingers during the release from about 7 o' clock to 4 o' clock quickly and decisively. Your thumb should exit the ball as your bowling hand reaches the back of your sliding bowling shoe so the fingers can make a decisive releasing motion at the shoe laces or at the toe of the shoe. Using a 6 o' clock to 4 o' clock release action will also encourage hook but to a lesser degree than a greater, snappy finger rotation.

3. Never decelerate your forward swing and follow-through motion in an attempt to see your ball increase hook. A crisp and accelerated follow through swing motion will aide and enhance the release so you can make an effective bowling ball delivery. Try and maintain a good ball speed so your ball does not lose energy as it travels down lane and hook in a non-predictable manner. A full swing and an accelerated, effective delivery will give you every chance to see your ball increase its hook potential.

4. Achieving proper initial alignment when releasing your ball as to allow the ball to travel from the the heaviest concentration of lane oil on the front end of the lane to the dry portion of lane on the back at the break point end will conserve ball energy and encourage an increased angle of entry into the pins. If you ball travels too far in oil and skids beyond the break point of the lane, then you will not see an increase in ball hook. Proper alignment and good lane adjustments are keys to maximizing effective hook potential.

5. Choose a bowling ball which creates a high track flare potential and has a high Differential of RG rating. These balls will tend to achieve the sharpest hook-angle of entry in to the pins and work best on medium oil lane conditions. Choosing a ball with a low RG rating and with an aggressive matte-finish coverstock will fight excessive front end lane oil and promote a strong and continuous arc motion on oily lanes. Select a drilling layout to promote front end skid and a strong back end motion if the lanes are not conditioned heavily with oil. recommends you consult a certified bowling instructor or a local bowling professional to help you improve your delivery technique and sharpen your overall bowling skills.

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