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Walking Direction And Your Bowling Accuracy

Publish Date: 10/29/15

As a talented and advanced player, it is important to remind yourself that walking direction and your bowling accuracy are linked.

Accuracy stems from your steps as well as your swing.

If you are preparing for an important competition (league or tournament), don’t forget to monitor your walking pattern to the foul line making certain you know precisely which board the sliding bowling shoe will cover for any given angle on the lane you choose to play.

Walking your pre-determined lines on the approach is vital if you wish to deliver your ball along a consistent path to the pocket.

Slide on a specific board relative to the sighting target on the lane and relative to the board your bowling ball first contacts the lane surface.

There is a board where you should slide which directly corresponds with where your bowling ball will first contact the lane surface and that differential remains constant anywhere you slide on the approach.

Because of this constant relationship between the slide board and the board your ball first contacts the lane surface (usually a 5 or 6 board differential), any unwanted drifting pattern in your walk to the line results in a variance in your bowling ball delivery path angle.

By keeping your forward swing tucked in closely to your body, you improve chances of retaining a consistent ball delivery path to your down lane target which helps regulate your release point consistently.

During practice leading into the important competition, check your slide position after successive shots and make certain you know exactly which board the sliding shoe covers to determine if you drifted right or left from your intended walking path.

Everything works off of good footwork. Accuracy is primarily a swing-based result but walking consistent lines and knowing precisely which on board you will slide regardless of where you align yourself on the approach is also a key factor in gaining bowling ball directional control.

Full commitment to walking your lines will help you trust your alignment and adjustment decisions when you need them the most.

By accepting this notion that accuracy is in your feet, you will become an improved shot maker and playing the lanes will become a less daunting task.

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