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Using Bad Knees For Bowling Balance And Power

Publish Date: 10/16/15

As a skilled player, using bad knees for bowling balance and power in a proper manner is key to consistent shotmaking.

If you have bad knees, regardless if you are a power player with a very high rev rate or a lower-rev “stroker” type player, using your knees in the right way while walking and sliding into the line puts you in a position to make accurate deliveries.

As a senior bowler or one with bad knees, you can still use your legs to your benefit if you modify your technique walking to the line. You do not need to severely bend your knees low to gain power.

A slight flex in your knees to begin your first step is all that is needed to get a smooth and balanced start.

Simply add a very slight amount of knee flex with each successive step.

As you reach your step before your slide, you should have all the necessary knee flex required to retain good body balance and get maximum leverage from your game without straining your knees.

Your slide step simply needs to mirror the amount of flex in your step before your slide so you transition smoothly into your slide step with no undue pressure placed on your bad knees.

If you take your stance using an athletic posture where your upper body is slightly tilted forward, all you need do is retain the same spine angle tilt throughout each step and slide of your approach.

Retaining the same spine angle tilt avoiding any sudden elevation changes and not pushing hard off your knees when sliding in an attempt to apply power to your shot will place you in a strong and well balanced position as you make your release with no discomfort on your knees.

Some of the top talent we see on the professional tour today do not use violent leg action nor bend their knees so far as to place maximum pressure on their knees.

It all starts with a good set-up on the approach and with bowling with relaxed leg muscles.

Use a comfortable amount of knee flex and then adding a slight bit more flex as you take successive steps while retain a consistent spine angle will help you generate good power and retain balance for accurate shotmaking.

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