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Don't Blame Your Bowling Ball

By:, Originally Posted: 11/27/16; Updated: 12/28/2021

If you are getting an inconsistent ball reaction, don’t blame your bowling ball.

If you are missing the pocket repeatedly, blaming your bowling ball might not be the problem?

There are several reasons why your ball reaction changes during the course of a competitive session. Getting mad at the ball does not solve the poor ball reaction challenge.

One chief reason you may be getting a poor ball reaction on the same (or similar) lane conditions during previous competitive sessions is that your bowling ball will lose its reactivity after perhaps 20-40 games.

This is a common occurrence so don’t get mad at your bowling ball, instead make sure you do routine ball surface maintenance to restore your equipment reactivity capabilities.

It is your responsibility to maintain the surfaces of your bowling balls.

Do not expect a good ball reaction if your ball surface loses its texture, gets oil soaked into the pores of the coverstock, gets dirt or grime material on the ball track area, and then reacts unpredictably.

Modern high technology bowling balls require routine surface maintenance. Have your bowling ball equipment ready to go in competition.

Be well practiced enough to understand when each ball will give you a dependable reaction on given oil patterns.

Other factors complicating a consistent ball reaction are making physically poor deliveries by missing your sight target or by delivering your ball at varying delivery path angles to the target.

A poor ball reaction can occur when you know you made a good delivery because the oil wears from the lane surface due to excessive lineage. Oil breakdown and carrydown coupled with oil absorption in the ball coverstock requires making an adjustment. The choice of adjustment you make is developed from your past experiences and from your practice sessions learning how to move on the lanes or when to change bowling balls.


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