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Restore Your Bowling Ball Reaction

By:, Originally Posted: 6/14/16; Updated: 3/13/2022

Restore your bowling ball reaction by restoring ball skid distance control.

When you make a good shot and your ball skids and unexpected distance, restore a reliable skid distance by considering the following ball motion factors:

*Varying lane conditions or varying lane topography are reasons you can lose ball reaction consistency.

*Skid distance and ball speed control along with the direction your bowling ball leaves your hand toward your sight target on the lane are factors producing your given ball reaction.

Ball skid refers to the distance a bowling ball will skid on the front end of the lane before transitions in the mid lane.

Once a bowling ball is released onto the lane surface, the ball will skid a given distance until friction slows the ball from the skid phase to the next phase of ball motion, the hook phase.

*Your ball skid distance is largely controlled by your release technique.

*The bowling ball you choose affects skid distance due to the surface texture and type of coverstock your chosen ball possesses.

*Ball speed affects skid distance.

Ball speed is an easy way to help control skid distance if you practice delivering your ball at as close to the same speed shot after shot in a speed range where you do not lose balance or direction control.

*Your forward swing ball path direction as you introduce your ball into the lane oil pattern affects your ball reaction.

*The oil pattern where you bowl affects your alignment decision to attempt to hit the pocket consistently.

*Your release technique affects your ball reaction.

Since a reliable ball reaction is the goal, make a concerted effort to control your ball speed, your swing delivery path angle, and align to the pocket so as the lane conditions change, you can make sensible adjustments as your ball reaction changes using one or more of the above variables.

Regardless of your skill level, these focus points will help improve your bowling ball reaction.

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