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Minimize Your Bowling Release Adjustments

By:, 2/6/16

When in competition, minimize your bowling release adjustments.

Keeping things simple in competition is what all advanced and talented players strive for, and doing so with your release is one important factor in maintaining the ability to make good shots under pressure.

Avoid trying to add excessive power to your release or trying to skid the ball so far that you do not get a reliable back end ball reaction.

If you are trying to determine how many releases you should build into your game when facing various levels of competition such as leagues and tournaments, the answer can be a simple as one wrist position and one amount of bowling finger rotation but simply change bowling balls, ball surface texture, or make angle adjustments.

Not every adjustment needs to be a significant one, particularly when it comes to your release.

We all know that delivering your ball at a given ball speed and with a given amount of loft distance control is essential in gaining a consistent ball reaction.

Complicating this with trying to add too much power, too little power, or varying the amount of finger rotation you apply to your bowling ball can be detrimental to getting a reliable ball reaction.

If you begin your competitive session using a relatively flat wrist position which allows you to exit your thumb from your bowling ball slightly before your bowling fingers, then you can “tweak” your wrist position slightly either tilted forward or tilted back.

The same is true with your amount of finger rotation. Begin with a minimal amount of rotation and adjust as needed being careful to not try and change your axis tilt excessively.

Using simple release adjustments including the moment your thumb exits the ball relative to your sliding bowling shoe can be useful in “tweaking” your ball reaction.

When under the gun in competition, it is usually best to rely on your strengths and not gamble too much on exaggerated delivery techniques which you seldom practice.

Keep your release techniques simple and streamlined. Introduce these adjusted release techniques when you are confident your options will hold up and help you achieve the results you seek.

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