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Importance Of Bowling Ball Coverstock Maintenance

If you wish to know the importance of bowling ball coverstock maintenance, think of the value in retaining a predictable and consistent ball reaction.

Coverstock maintenance is not just to keep your bowling ball surfaces clean of dirt, lane oil, or scuff marks but also keeping the ball surface textured to control your ball skid distance and influence the back end reaction.

Manufacturers are smart enough to know that no two bowlers typically deliver the ball the same way. Because any high performance bowling ball can be drilled the same for three different bowlers, as example, you might see three different ball reactions.

It makes good sense for the manufacturers to leave some of the maintenance issues up to the bowlers to alter their ball reaction by altering the surface texture of these reactive coverstocks.

You can extend or reduce skid distance by virtue of using the given grit pad coarseness to increase or decrease the ball traction on the lane surface.

Frustration has been expressed by bowlers many times that bowling balls are costly and you still have to do maintenance to preserve the coverstock integrity.

This is a valid thought, however, it is also useful to know that you can not only purchase bowling balls with choices in core designs, coverstocks, and you can choose from a variety of drilling layouts to attain a targeted ball reaction, but you can change the surface texture to alter the ball motion.

The fourth factor in bowling ball options is to alter the surface texture to match best with lane conditions.

Because each bowler has a different release technique and looks to play the lane conditions to best match their games, it becomes more important that the coverstocks must be maintained on a routine basis and the surface texture must constantly be refreshed after a few games so a desired ball reaction can be attained.

Following a simple bowling ball coverstock maintenance procedure will be helpful in protecting your investment in your equipment.

As a new bowler or one who is expanding your bowling ball equipment knowledge, it is important to learn easy methods for bowling ball coverstock maintenance.

Here is a simple chart for coverstock surface maintenance:

1. Re-polish shiny bowling balls after ten games of bowling; do the same with dull bowling balls by scuffing surfaces with the chosen grit Abralon pads coarseness...

2. Scuff and re-polish shiny bowling balls after 30 games (30) of bowling...

3. Full resurface procedure should be done after 60 - 80 games of bowling...

4. Repeat steps 1-3 for the next interval of 60 - 80 games of bowling...

5. To reduce oil absorption, clean your ball coverstock with a ball cleaner after bowling...

6. If there is a visible track on your ball ask your pro shop to refresh or refinish the ball to remove the tracked up area on the ball surface and restore the ball to its original factory finish.

You have the option to do some of the work on your bowling balls yourself if you wish.

Complete coverstock maintenance services are available for a fee at all pro shops.

Consult with your pro shop professional to prepare the ball surfaces to match with local lane conditions and develop a routine maintenance schedule to preserve your ball surfaces and attain the reaction capabilities you seek.

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