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Bowling Tweener Delivery Style

The bowling tweener delivery style is among many widely accepted types of releases used by competitive players throughout the world. The Tweener style has been the most common type of delivery used by players ranging from professionals, amateurs, internationals, and youth players for many years. Let's address the bowling tweener delivery style and learn a little about how this style fits into most bowler's games.
The following categories are the deliveries used to describe techniques ranging from the most powerful to the least powerful:

 1. Two Handed Cranker
2. Two finger/no thumb
3. Cranker
4. Power Tweener
5. Tweener
6. Power Stroker
7. Stroker
8. Straight
9. Back-Up-ball
10. USA spinner
11. UFO spinner
12. Push ramp
13. Disable delivery ramps
14. Retractable handled bowling balls

By far and away, the most common delivery techniques are cranker, power tweener, tweener, power stroker, stroker, and straight ball deliveries. Back-up, two handed, thumbless, and spinner deliveries are the next most common groups of bowlers. Following are the spinner type players, disabled ramp and retractable handled delivery bowlers.
The tweener delivery fits in the most common category between the power tweener and power stroker deliveries and is used by bowlers to create moderate revolutions applied to the bowling ball with a modest axis tilt generated at the moment of release. Tweeners are versatile on many types of conditions and from most angles in playing the lanes.
A tweener bowler uses a relatively straight wrist position, with or without a wrist support device. The tweener bowler applies axis tilt by means of the thumb exiting the ball followed soon after by fingers. The fingers apply a slight rotating action from behind the ball the equivalent of about two or three inches toward the side of the ball.
A tweener delivery creates a mild rotational axis tilt and a moderate rev-rate. This style of bowler usually has about a shoulder high back swing producing medium to high overall ball speed with a smooth yet decisive release.
The tweener generates about a 20 miles per hour (mph) launch velocity with an instantaneous velocity at impact with the pins of about 16 mph and with an overall, average velocity of 18 mph.
This delivery produces a moderate bowling ball hook-motion, most noticeably from the break point to impact with the pins. The tweener release is a very common release among professionals and top amateur players around the world because it produces a controllable yet effective overall bowling ball motion used to overcome a variety of lane oil conditions. has become the No. 1 “e-tailer” of choice for bowling equipment by the consumers of America. Ordering is an easy process by following simple online instructions. Thanks for visiting