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The Greatest Bowling Tip

By:, Originally Posted: 2/6/17; Updated: 1/29/21

If you are searching for the greatest bowling tip ever, then get on this one:


This may sound silly but it will amaze you to know how many bowlers forget to enjoy themselves on the lanes by taking their game scores or performances far too seriously. This simple yet effective bowling tip is especially important given the world we live in right now. There are many that cannot bowl right now. Do not take it for granted....

Anyone will agree that if bowling is your primary source of income such as are the cases with Touring Professional Bowlers, then likely you will get irritable or perhaps even angry when things do not go the way you want.

If, however, you are NOT a pro bowler, then relax and enjoy the game. Enjoy time spent bowling with family and friends or even in competition where you are trying to do your best and win a league or perhaps even win a tournament.

Reduce your stress levels by not taking your performances as seriously as you may be doing when you find yourself stressed or upset at your scores.

Forget any poor results or bad breaks you may have gotten which caused a lack of enjoyment and simply accept the results without anger or frustration.

In other words, teach yourself all over again to enjoy your hobby or pastime without getting worked up over poor results. Take it as it comes.

If you are a highly competitive player and you dislike losing, don’t carry your performances home with you or don’t demonstrate poor sportsmanship around those with whom you bowl.

It is the simplest strategies which can produce the best outcomes.

Those bowlers who can bounce back from adversity and not cry “Why Me” after any or all poor breaks are those who usually come out on top in competition.

Be cool and try not to show negative emotions. You just might find you will enjoy the game much more than at the present time. Don’t forget that emotion can change your bowling motion. No need to tense up if your livelihood is not on the line. Stay loose and remember the greatest bowling tip ever - Have Fun!


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