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Be Bowling Cool, Originally Posted: 9/2/2013; Updated: 5/22/2021

Be bowling cool. If you want to get the best out of your game, stay cool, calm, and collected.
Learn to maintain composure, particularly in pressure situations.
Avoid the emotional ups and downs when you string strikes or when you get “tapped.” Shake off an open frame and just focus on making the next shot count.
The players who are able to remain calm when bowling under pressure are most likely to emerge victorious.
Work at developing an even temperament on the lanes even if you have a volatile personality. If you like to get “pumped up” during competition, learn to bring yourself quickly back to an even keel by calming yourself in preparation for the next shot.
Once you control your emotions you can perform under pressure without adversely affecting the quality of your deliveries. Then, you place yourself in a favorable position to be successful.
Every athlete, every bowler, loses their temper or composure from time to time. Getting excited is a natural emotion. However, controlling your emotions so they do not influence your physical game must be your objective when bowling under pressure.
If you find yourself steaming on the inside, you might not retain good tempo unless you can slow down the adrenaline and make a smooth and effective shot. Pure determination to succeed is an acceptable emotion, anger is not when bowling in important competition.
Avoid tensing up your muscles because of excitement or disdain. Work at maintaining an even flow when you bowl.
Focus on regulating your bowling ball speed so each shot comes off of your hand similarly to previous good shots.

Bowling is a scientific game performed by the bodies of non-scientific human beings.
When you suddenly tense up your arm and leg muscles, you automatically change the tempo of your arm's swing and footwork, and you run the risk of making poor deliveries.
Instead, control your breathing while you prepare to make your next shot.
It is difficult, if not impossible, to make a good shot due to anger or tension. You might hurry your forward swing and make a poor release. You might overturn the ball or change your loft distance inadvertently.
When you experience a breakdown of tempo, you risk a poor ball reaction.
Concentrate on making one good shot at a time. Stay cool when bowling under pressure, and conserve your energy for your entire competitive bowling sessions.
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