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How Can I Improve My Attitude On The Bowling Lanes?, Originally Posted: 6/1/2015; Updated: 5/26/2022

If you are asking how can I improve my attitude on the bowling lanes, you likely regret having lost composure during past competitive performances.

We have all bowled with a person who has lost composure. Possibly, we have done so ourselves recently.

Generally speaking, poor performances follow poor attitudes and sour dispositions.

Sometimes you might be tested with bad breaks in your very first game in league or in a tournament and you become frustrated enough to allow these bad breaks to adversely affect your performance.

Another time you might get “tapped” after delivering a great shot, leave a dreaded corner pin on a solid pocket hit, and suffer a scoring set-back in an important match.

Yet another time you just simply make a very poor shot when you needed a strike desperately.

Any of these reasons can cause a poor attitude.

Learn to grind it out, keep making as good of shots as you possibly can, and be patient knowing that in time, breaks will go your way.

If you adopt the same attitude as top tier players, you will develop a no-give-up attitude.

This attitude will set you up for future successes on the lanes.

Believe it or not, the best time to work on a positive mental approach for good performances is when things are not going well in competition. In competition, you are bowling under pressure and that is when emotions can get the best of you and cause your game to go astray.

Instead of yielding to frustrations, embrace the opportunity to tough it out by grinding out games on a frame by frame basis and not throwing away shots when you get a bad break.

It is when we are tested the most is when we build character and learn to bowl well by controlling your emotions.

Stay positive. Make one good shot at a time and do not get ahead of yourself.

In the same way of thinking, update your focus to your next shot and forget what has happened in the past.

Confidence is a choice. Choose to believe you can overcome challenges on the lanes and your attitude will surely improve.

The last of the human freedoms is to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances.

Choose to stare adversity in the eye and beat it away with your bowling ability, not by complaining or whining of poor breaks.

Trust in your abilities and allow yourself to benefit from maximizing your skills.

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