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Accuracy Tip For New And Low Average Bowlers

By:, Originally Posted: 3/27/17; Updated: 1/11/21

If you are looking for an accuracy tip for new and low average bowlers, then this one simple technique might be just what the bowling Dr. ordered...

For many years, one of the greatest bowlers of all time would share a tip repeatedly to amateur bowlers and those he interacted with in Pro-Am events or in clinics.

Earl Anthony won more tournaments in a lesser period of time than any bowler in PBA history. Whether he should be considered the best ever is open to discussion but he is certainly at the top of any list.

Earl’s tip was a simple one so no one would misunderstand his meaning or become confused by it in any way.

Earl would say “let your hand follow your bowling ball toward your target.”

Simple and yet to the point. When releasing your bowling ball, make sure your hand follows through in the direction you wish for your ball to travel on its way to your aim point on the lane.

Work at following through toward your sight target.

Earl pointed out that this tip also implies focusing on your target so it is at the forefront of your mind.

Earl would say that too many bowlers worry about the results before the ball is actually delivered or before it passes by the aim point.

Albeit this simple technique is intended to improve your accuracy, it will also serve to help you become an improved spare shooter.

Another factor involved with improving accuracy is your upper body posture at the moment you release the ball. Maintaining good posture throughout your approach and particularly during your release is essential for reproducing quality shots. If your shoulders are directly over your knees and if your knees are flexed sufficiently to allow you to slide with a stable upper body, you will enhance your ability to make accurate shots.


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