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How Can I Improve My Steps For Better Bowling Balance?

By:, Originally Posted: 2/5/16; Updated: 3/5/21

If you averaging between 140 and 170 and are asking how can I improve my steps for better bowling balance, check out these simple tips:

*set-up on the approach with slightly more body weight on your leg which will not be used when taking your first step.

*flex both knees slightly before walking.

*retain slight knee flex while you walk, particularly on the last two steps so you avoid lunging forward or pulling your upper body up and out of form when delivering your ball.

*get to the practice lane and work on taking each step along the center-line of your body as if to take overlapping steps. Do so at the same pace each shot.

*walking a straight line means you must visualize walking a tightrope or the balance beam a gymnast uses. Remain as relaxed and as tension free with your legs as possible line.

*avoid bouncing up and down as you walk so you can easily control the direction of each step.

*on the practice lane, double check your sliding step finish position. Make sure you complete your slide step on the same board you use to align yourself initially on the approach. Walking a straight line means finishing on the same board you where you begin regardless of where you align yourself on the approach.

It is possible to walk a straight line and align the front portion of your bowling shoulder to your sighting target on the lane and keep it aligned to the target as you walk and bowl.

Some practice will be required to get comfortable walking a straight line and sliding toward the center of your body (under your chin).

These techniques related to your steps will help you retain good balance while you bowl.

Good balance begins with good footwork.

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