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A Bowling Release Tip

By:, Originally Posted: 5/1/17; Updated: 10/26/2021

If you are struggling with consistently letting go of your bowling ball and want a bowling release tip, release the ball, don’t lift it.

For years bowlers have been taught to lift the ball out onto the lane by snapping the wrist and bowling fingertips to impart roll and spin on the bowling ball.

Today with modern bowling ball technology, release the ball without forcing wrist action.

Allow the ball to exit your hand with a fluid exiting motion. Avoid grabbing at the ball trying to impart excessive revs or rotation.

The key to gaining a consistent ball reaction with today’s bowling balls is to govern the ball skid distance from the release point to the point of first transition in the mid-lane.

A lifting action the old release technique called for was to snap the bowling fingers and wrist at the last moment and on the upswing.

Today’s reactive bowling balls react consistently if you release them smoothly off of your hand allowing the ball to enter the lane surface with a gradual angle of descent.

Your bowling ball will effectively produce a consistent skid distance without forcing your release or snapping your fingertips at the moment of release.

Let the ball do it’s job as designed by manufacturers and avoid trying to help the ball roll by grabbing at the ball in an attempt to lift it onto the lane surface.

Your ball motion is partially governed by your release technique. If you release the ball with speed control and let your ball flow smoothly off of your hand, your chances at gaining a very reliable ball reaction improve. An important key is to get your ball to react predictably in the mid-lane and at the breakpoint down the lane consistently. A smooth release allows you to control your ball skid distance and stabilize your overall ball motion.


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