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Your Personal Bowling Team, Originally Posted: 12/3/2012; Updated: 6/13/2023

If you are a serious bowler and wish to round out all aspects of your game, then begin by building your very own performance team. Regardless if you are a league player, a tournament player, or both, you most definitely need to surround yourself with capable performance team members to help you reach your goals as a player.
Start the process of building your team by first locating a professional coach and schedule lessons. After the coach becomes familiar with your game, you can then map out a strategy to work at improving your physical game techniques by means of purposeful practice.
Not only do coaches help you sharpen your bowling skills, they can also help you develop a practice routine to work on the key aspects of your game in an organized format so each practice session moves you toward your goals.
Becoming an extremely talented player requires a good deal of natural talent, but talent is not enough. You must also know your game. You must know how to make adjustments to your game in competition and that requires knowing the mechanics of your game thoroughly.
Not every session with your coach needs to be a physical game training period. Your personal coach can help you better understand lane conditions such as oil patterns, oil carry-down and oil break-down. A coach can help you map out strategies in making appropriate adjustments for these changing lane conditions.
One thing that separates the highly skilled players from advanced players is knowing how and when to make lane adjustments during serious competition. Examples of these adjustments include when to change bowling balls, when and if a slight change in delivery technique is necessary, or when to make a loft change or a ball speed adjustment. All these adjustment decisions must be handled promptly and with confidence.
There is no question that a personal coach experienced in all aspects of coaching is of vital importance if you wish to maximize your game skills.
A personal coach is not enough, however. Your performance team must also include a pro shop professional to help you build your bowling equipment arsenal, particularly your bowling balls. Having a useful arsenal of bowling balls to match with lane conditions you frequently encounter is of paramount importance.
Your pro shop team member must also be able to help you build a strategy to prepare your ball surfaces on a predetermined schedule of maintenance.
Your decision in selecting any new bowling ball and choosing an appropriate drilling layout option is also a big factor in controlling bowling ball motion. The decision in drilling a new bowling ball should be made after collaborating with your coach and your pro shop professional teammates to guarantee your investment suits your needs.
Using the services of a physical trainer is also a key to preparing yourself for high levels of competition. Being in excellent physical shape is always a key to success. In bowling, a physical trainer can help you prepare the muscles of your body most influenced by the bowling motion so you are ready to go and never tire during competition. Discuss your objectives in bowling with your trainer and begin a fitness routine that will keep you strong when in competition.

Finally, to really round out a complete performance team you should also have a sports psychologist who can help you prepare your mind and your body in a coordinated effort to meet the challenge of competition. Virtually all successful athletes in other professional sports use the services of a sports psychologist or a mental game adviser to tie the physical game to the mental game to properly prepare for competitive sessions. A sports psychologist will help you perform at a high level of efficiency in competition, and help you understand how to control your emotions in competition.
It is possible to ask one of your performance teammates to double as two teammates. If you trust your coach to also advice you on mental game strategies, then by all means lean on your coach accordingly.
If your pro shop professional is one who can also advise you on your physical game and help you keep in top condition, then ask that team member to double as a trainer and pro shop adviser. You get the idea.
No great athlete ever got to the top levels of the game totally by themselves. Everyone can benefit from the services of professionals referred to in this article but it's ultimately up to you as the player to decide how many performance team members you require to achieve the goals you set for yourself.
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