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How To Use Bowling Warm Up Deliveries To Your Advantage

By learning how to use bowling warm up deliveries to your advantage, identifying the lane condition and getting lined up for strikes and spares is simplified. You may find yourself in league competition focusing only on warming up physically but not examining the lane condition closely enough to quicken the time in properly aligning for strike ball deliveries or for making spares. By paying attention how to use bowling warm up deliveries to your advantage will enable you to shorten the time it takes to get lined up and to make good adjustments on the lanes.
Since you cannot deliver the very first warm up ball at full operating speed, merely try and roll your favorite bowling ball you use most frequently in your league competition as if you were going to pick up the seven pin (right handed bowlers). Left handed bowlers can do the opposite toward the ten pin spare.

Line up as if to make the seven pin and aim your first warm up delivery toward your normal target for shooting at the seven pin. It does no matter if you hit your target on that first warm up delivery but rather that you watch the bowling ball roll down the lane carefully looking for how much the ball skids in the mid-lane before hooking toward the seven pin.
Even though you are trying to get your body warmed up for your session on the lanes, try and learn about the lane condition and how much oil is in the center of the lane or not in the center of the lane. If your ball skids longer than normal through the center portion of the mid-lane and given the fact that your first deliveries are not yet at full speed, you will know right away that the lanes are very oily and you will likely have to adjust your strike and spare alignment to compensate for increased oil volume in that portion of the lane in comparison to other times you prepare to bowl.
If the lane allows your first delivery to hook more sharply and sooner than expected, then it means that there is less volume of oil in the mid-lane and you will likely have to allow for the ball to hook more than usual and adjust accordingly. By carefully watching the ball roll toward the corner pin spare location regardless if the pin is standing on the pin deck or not, your first warm up delivery can tip you off on how to play the lanes when competition begins.
Your second delivery can also be for the same corner pin alignment but make every effort to make a good delivery, albeit at a slower speed than when you are warmed up fully. If you can deliver the bowling ball and watch it roll over the corner pin spot on the pin deck, or very near the pin spot, then you will know you what to expect if you need to make a delivery for the four pin or the seven pin when competition is under way.
Your third delivery can be across the lane in the opposite direction. Roll the ball as if you are trying to convert the ten pin spare (seven pin spare for left handed bowlers). Adjust yourself across the lane and use the ball you normally deliver to make the ten pin spare. If you see the ball skid longer than usual and fall off into the channel before crossing over the ten pin spot on the pin deck, then perhaps there is a greater volume of oil in the center portion of the mid lane than usual and an adjustment will be necessary on your strike and spare deliveries. If your ball hooks sooner than expected in the mid-lane and away from the ten pin spot on the pin deck, then you likely will have to adjust your strike and spare alignment accordingly.
Your next warm up deliveries can be aligned to the pocket for a strike ball opportunities. By this time, you should be getting your ball speed nearly up to full operating speed readying for competition. Watch the ball roll carefully in the mid-lane and determine if you are getting the usual amount of skid before the ball reaches the break point down the lane. You should have a pretty good idea by this time and after making prior warm up deliveries across the lane in both directions, just how much, if any, you will need to adjust your strike alignment positioning on the approach when competition begins.
After four warm up deliveries, you should have a fairly good idea how and where to adjust for strikes and spares. If you get a fifth or sixth warm up delivery, you should try making the adjustment you think will work best to hit the pocket when competition begins and then watch the ball roll very carefully in the mid-lane and again as it enters the location of the pocket at the pin deck so you know if any further adjustments will be needed. You may also try and use another bowling ball (to compare ball motion) so you can decide which ball will work best to begin competition and which ball you might switch to in the second or perhaps third game of competition, if necessary and when the lanes break down.
It should be clear by now that using your warm up deliveries to your advantage by closely watching the ball roll across the lanes in both directions and toward the center of the lane for hitting the pocket will quicken the time it takes to align your self when competition begins. Using your warm up deliveries wisely may be the difference in picking up key spares versus missing them because you did not make practice deliveries across the lane when you were warming up for competition. Same holds true in hitting the pocket and in making an adjustment if you make a good delivery and your ball does not hit the pocket.
Knowing as much information about the lane conditions as possible before competition begins separates the skilled players from lesser skilled players. Making consistently good deliveries is the key to scoring well in bowling if you can also line up properly and make sensible lane adjustments.

Using warm up deliveries to your advantage and not wasting precious deliveries only trying to hit the pocket and not rolling the ball at the corner pin spare locations can be the difference in winning and losing or whether your scores were as high as they should have been based on your physical game performance. Also, try and watch warm up deliveries of fellow players who roll the ball similarly as you so you get another visual picture of the lane conditions.
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