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How Can I Stabilize My Bowling Ball Reaction?, Originally Posted: 6/7/2015; Updated: 5/20/2022

If you ask, how can I stabilize my bowling ball reaction, you are probably not getting the consistent ball motion you seek?

Important keys in getting a stable ball reaction, one which repeats shot after shot, are bowling ball skid distance control and a reliable back end reaction.

Not all the problems with an inconsistent ball reaction come from human error, from your making poor shots.

Having your bowling ball coverstocks textured to match up with local lane conditions is a big factor in controlling your ball reaction.

Choosing the right ball to use and having a drilling layout which augments the reaction you seek are other keys to gaining a consistent ball reaction.

Since ball skid distance control is your first concern, double check your ball surfaces to make sure there are no excessive nicks, scratches, or dirt on the coverstock.

Make sure you use a fairly low grit texture for oily lane conditions. Use a fairly smooth and high grit texture on dry lanes with a light lane oil pattern.

When your ball skid distance is consistent, you can depend on seeing a controllable reaction in the mid-lane.

Another key is to choose a ball with just the right amount of track flare so you do not see your ball hook too weakly or too sharply on the back end of the lane.

Track flare correlates with the amount of back end hook motion your ball achieves once it leaves the initial front end skid phase.

Most bowling ball drillers recommend using a control type drilling which helps produce a smooth and dependable arc motion so you can read the lanes easily and in most cases, hit the pocket consistently.

Bowling balls with controlled reaction capabilities match pretty well with most lane conditions you will face.

Matching the skid distance and back end hook motion is the challenge any competitive bowler faces.

High scoring lane conditions helps steer your ball to the pocket if your initial alignment matches with the oil pattern. On most house conditions, the lanes are fairly compatible to gaining a consistent ball reaction.

If you are having trouble getting a consistent ball reaction, ask your pro shop pro to clean and texture your ball coverstocks to best match with your local lane conditions.

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