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Bowling Tips For Straight Ball Bowlers

Learning about bowling tips for straight ball bowlers begins with proper initial alignment and a few important physical bowling fundamentals to help you develop your game. Since you are a beginning bowler or someone who is taking the game a little more seriously than in the past, bowling tips for straight ball bowlers includes first establishing an effective initial alignment to the pocket at the start of your session on the lanes, then monitoring the physical game fundamentals to develop consistent and accurate bowling ball releases.

Through our research, has determined that typically, most bowling centers use a lane oiling procedure which creates the highest volume of oil conditioner located between the 2nd arrow on the right of the lane and the 2nd arrow on the left side of the lane, certainly for league play. On these standard house lane conditions, the heaviest volume of oil is located from the foul line where the bowling ball first contacts the lane surface down the lane to approximately 20 feet distance past the foul line. Of course, each bowling center has its own oiling procedures, but in many cases, the 2nd arrow is a good place laterally on both sides of the lane for initial alignment to the pocket.

Depending on your release technique, targeting the 2nd arrow is the logical place to begin your deliveries while warming up for a session on the lanes. Place your bowling shoe instep to cover the 15 board, five boards right of the center board on the lane approach (right handed bowlers - opposite for left handed bowlers), and target the 2nd arrow which is the 10 board on the lane near the bowling guides about 15 feet distance past the foul line.

Next, make sure you establish a right angle (a 90 degree angle) between your chest and your bowling arm so your arm will extend after releasing the bowling ball with your hand in front of your bowling shoulder to maintain the 90 degree right angle when following through toward the 2nd arrow target. You may have to slightly align your toes to point to the pocket down the lane on the pin deck and make sure your hips and shoulder face the same direction. This means that you may not be standing with your hips and shoulders exactly parallel to the foul line but rather with your bowling shoulder perhaps one inch or so in front of your opposite shoulder. This alignment technique applies to bowlers who roll a straight ball and not to those to hook the ball.

It is important to maintain this alignment while you walk to the foul line and to walk in a straight line path on the approach to end up on the same board with your sliding shoe as where you aligned yourself initially. When you arrive sliding into the foul line you can then follow through with your bowling hand easily aligned to the target and in front of your bowling shoulder while still maintaining the same right angle relationship with your chest. Avoid your bowling shoulder opening and closing excessively which rotates the shoulder away from your target. Bowlers rolling a straight ball delivery must keep aligned to the target at all times during the approach and to the key pins down the lane and not rotate the upper body away from those targets.

Once you have established good initial alignment, then there are a few key fundamentals to monitor as you bowl:

  1. One key is regulating your ball speed each delivery to help control the skid length of the ball as well as help you develop a consistent release action with your bowling hand.

  2. Releasing your ball at the appropriate angle toward your chosen target down the lane is another factor in developing accuracy and that angle is established by the initial alignment and set-up positioning of your hips and shoulders while taking your stance on the approach as described earlier.

  3. Focus your eyes on your target on the lane from the set-up position on the approach and throughout your entire approach to the foul line. It is important to commit to a specific target where you wish to contact with your bowling ball and remain committed to the target while releasing the ball. Simply put, your eyes send the signal to your brain where the target is positioned and your brain signals your hand where to release the ball. Full commitment in hitting your target must be applied to each and every delivery.

  4. The final two steps of your approach to the foul line are the most critical. Do not hurry the final two steps, or any steps for that matter, so you can make a consistent and decisive release of your bowling ball. Consistent tempo of each step while walking to the foul line is of vital importance.

  5. Swing your bowling arm freely and without excessive muscle tension until the ball reaches the release zone and continue your swing to a full follow through position. Try to maintain a consistent tempo with your back swing and forward swing on each delivery so you can regulate ball speed and have time to make an effective delivery to your target.

  6. Follow through with your bowling hand releasing the ball in the precise direction of your specific target on the lane. Once you line up correctly and walk a straight path to the foul line, your hand merely needs to follow through in front of your bowling shoulder to allow an accurate release of the ball directly to your target.

  7. Hold your form at the foul line and keep your eyes on your target. Maintain good upper body balance during your approach, particularly while you are making the critical release of the ball. Good balance is vital in helping you improve your bowling accuracy. Keeping your head and shoulders very steady and without excessive motion during your approach and during the release of the ball and both will help you maintain good balance.

These simple fundamentals are all positive contributors to gaining control with your straight ball bowling delivery. If you have any questions about your game, it is recommended you seek professional coaching either from a certified bowling instructor or from a local bowling professional trained in helping bowlers improve their game. always recommends you consult an experienced instructor to aide you in developing a strategy for releasing your bowling ball, for maintaining good physical game skills, and to make effective lane adjustments. Coaching can be an inexpensive way of learning techniques which will help you improve your game.

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