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What Are Advantages In Owning My Own Bowling Ball?

By:, 1/21/16

If you ask what are advantages in owning my own bowling ball, you are beginning to take the game seriously.

Anyone who enjoys bowling whether it be recreationally only or whether he or she wishes to join a bowling league, owning your own bowling ball makes sense.

If you wish to learn about some of the advantages to owning your own ball as opposed to using “house balls” provided by bowling centers, then consider the following:

*House balls are drilled for no one in particular but for general public use. Because of this, house balls will not custom fit your hand. Even if you find a ball which fits somewhat closely to your hand, the chances of finding that specific ball each time to bowl are not good.

*House balls can cause damage to your bowling fingers or thumb due to improper size of holes or to improper pitch angles in the holes based on your hand size and delivery technique.

*A Custom measured and drilled bowling ball by a pro shop professional will not only form fit your fingers and thumb but will also have holes drilled to match the way your hand opens and closes naturally. Owning your own ball reduces the chances of skin irritation or straining the ligaments or tendons in your hand.

*The pro shop professional can help you select the right ball for your needs based on how often you bowl, the lane oil pattern where you bowl, and based on your individual style in releasing the ball.
*Owning your own ball allows you the luxury of using a high performance ball as opposed to plastic cover house balls. Although you can buy a new plastic coverstock bowling ball in several colors to match your personal tastes, you can also choose a urethane or reactive coverstock ball which creates greater amounts of traction on the lane surface than do plastic bowling balls.

*Each time you bowl with your own ball, you will become very familiarized with the feel of the ball and develop a consistent release technique.

*If you advance in the game and bowl in league with family or friends, as example, owning your own ball will give you an edge over using house balls to record good scores.

Bowling is a game of precision, alignment and adjustments, and delivering your bowling ball with consistent ball speed and accuracy.

Owning your own ball will get you on the right path to enjoy the game for a long time to come. Visit your local pro shop soon to become more familiarized with bowling balls choices.