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What Can I Expect From My New Plastic Bowling Ball?

If you are in the process of purchasing a new ball, you may be asking yourself what can I expect from my new plastic bowling ball?

Of course, if you are, this is a fair question.

Here are a few bullet points about plastic bowling balls which should help you gain understanding what to expect:

Expect a plastic bowling ball to provide a modest hook potential with emphasis on a long ball skid in the front portion of the lane and with and a controllable, modest hook on the back end if you have already developed a hook ball delivery.

Plastic balls are the least aggressive of all modern day coverstocks available in the market.

Plastic bowling balls are largely intended for use when bowling on medium/dry to very dry lanes because they have a low friction providing little traction on oily lanes.

Plastic balls favor slow ball speed players, for both strike and spare ball deliveries.

Plastic balls will not hook as quickly as will high technology reactive urethane balls.

Plastic bowling balls are factory finished with a polished and shiny surface which further provides the longest skid potential and least amount of back end ball reaction of all choices of bowling ball coverstocks.

Plastic bowling balls are the easiest to control from a ball reaction standpoint.

Power players with a high rate of ball revolutions can use plastic balls on medium and dry lanes as well as for shooting spares, so plastic balls are versatile in use for all types of players.

Spare shooting is the number one reason bowlers today choose plastic bowling balls.

If you are just learning the game and perhaps deliver the ball on a straight path or with a very slight hook, a plastic ball will react consistently for you for strike deliveries and will double as a reliable spare shooting ball.

You will get less hitting power upon impact with the pins compared to using a high tech reactive coverstock ball but you will gain in controlling the overall ball motion.

Less hitting power also equates to slightly less pin carry advantages.

It is recommended to consult with your pro shop professional or a local bowling instructor to help you develop your equipment arsenal. Please don't be afraid to add a plastic ball to your personal inventory if you have not already done so.

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