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How To Keep Your Bowling Ball Out Of The Gutter

If you are a totally new and a beginning bowler or someone who only bowls socially and infrequently with no knowledge of any fundamentals of the game, learning how to keep your bowling ball out of the gutter is important. The process begins by gaining some knowledge of initial alignment or positioning on the approach, walking a straight line to the foul line, and developing a straight arm swing and a proper release of the bowling ball, all combined with selecting an appropriate target for sighting purposes on the lane.

How to keep your ball out of the gutter is easy if you follow a few simple fundamental techniques of bowling so you can enjoy your session on the lanes.

Our staff at always recommends new bowlers consult a certified coach or an instructor experienced in working with bowlers trying to learn the game. We ask you to schedule a bowling lesson with a local professional skilled in coaching so you are able to best familiarize you with the important components of making an effective approach and release of the bowling ball. For a small investment, usually less than the cost of a new bowling ball, you can learn the fundamentals correctly and without developing any bad habits which take time in retraining yourself and adjusting to new techniques. Here are five useful and initial tips:

Position yourself on the approach near or at the guide dots 12 feet from the foul line depending on your length of stride and slide step. Try to avoid completing your final slide step ending more than 6 inches behind the foul line.

Position your slide bowling shoe toe pointing to the middle guide dot (the largest dot) in the center of the approach. Place your feet close together and take note that the outside edge of your bowling shoulder aligns pretty closely to the 2nd arrow on the lane 15 feet past the foul line. If you are right handed, then sight at the 2nd arrow from the right edge of the lane as your target to attempt to roll the bowling ball over on your first ball delivery each frame.

It is critical to walk a straight line to the foul line so your final slide step finishes pointing to the center guide dot at the foul line, the same relative position as in your initial alignment before beginning your approach. This is an indication that you walked a straight line during your approach and your bowling shoulder is very nearly directly aligned with the 2nd arrow target on the lane when delivering the bowling ball.

Swinging your bowling arm in a straight path begins with positioning the ball in your stance position on the approach with the ball in front of your bowling shoulder. Next, try to begin your swing along a path so the ball will swing back and directly behind your bowling shoulder and then forward so the ball swings underneath your bowling shoulder and parallel with the boards in the lane. Release the ball near the shoe laces of your slide bowling shoe and complete your swing (your follow through motion) in an upward motion so your bowling hand finishes at least shoulder level or higher and also finishes in front of your bowling shoulder along the same direction the ball must follow on its path toward rolling over the 2nd arrow target on the lane.

Maintaining your hips and torso parallel to the foul line, or close to parallel, while walking and swinging the bowling ball will help you arrive into the slide step in good position to release the ball toward your target on the lane. It is key to try and walk the straight line path to the foul line and not drift away left or right too far from center. The 2nd arrow target on the lane is selected because if you walk to the line in a straight line direction and slide at the center guide dot, your swing and bowling shoulder only need to follow through toward the 2nd arrow and you will have a good chance of hitting the head pin and keeping your ball out of the gutter.

Five additional important tips are as follows:

Your eyes send the signal to your brain where the target is positioned and your brain signals your hand where to release the ball. Full commitment and focus on hitting your target must be applied to each and every delivery.

The final two steps of your approach to the foul line are the most critical. Do not hurry the final two steps, or any steps for that matter, so you can make a consistent and decisive release of your bowling ball.

Swing your bowling arm freely and without excessive muscle tension until the ball reaches the release zone and continue your swing to a full follow through position. Try to maintain a consistent tempo with your back swing and forward swing on each delivery so you can regulate ball speed and have time to make an effective delivery to your target.

Follow through with your bowling hand releasing the ball in the precise direction of your specific target on the lane. Your hand controls the release of your bowling ball so make a fully focused effort to release the ball directly at your target.

Hold your form at the foul line and keep your eyes on your target. Maintain good upper body balance during your approach, particularly while you are making the critical release of the ball. Good balance is vital in helping you improve your bowling accuracy. Keeping your head and shoulders very steady and without excessive motion during your approach and release will help you maintain good balance.

These ten key tasks are all positive contributors to controlling your bowling ball and not making deliveries falling off the lane. If you have any questions about your game, seek professional coaching either from a certified bowling instructor or from a local bowling professional trained in helping bowlers improve their game, as said earlier and well worth repeating.

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