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Are You Struggling With The Ten Pin Bowling Spare?, Originally Posted: 9/3/2013; Updated: 3/13/2023

If you are trying to raise your 140-155 average and are struggling to convert the 10 pin bowling spare (and if you are a right handed player), there are a few simple tips to help you practice and improve. The opposite is good for left handed players.
Next time you hit the practice lane, grab your spare shooting ball. Hopefully it is one which does not hook a great deal, practice the following tips regardless if a full rack of pins are standing or not:
1. Walk your intended path to the foul line after moving cross lane.
Most coaches today recommend walking a straight line path so you do not wander back toward the middle of the lane and cut off the necessary angle to convert the 10 pin spare, nor to use the portion of the lane where there is less oil and where you risk having your bowling ball either fall off of the lane into the channel or hook away from the 10 pin.
2. Keep your shoulders open about one inch and your right hip open the same amount relative to your right hip.
Pre-set your hips and shoulders open one inch before you begin walking.
If you open your hips slightly, your shoulders must follow. Align the front portion of your bowling shoulder to the ten pin and maintain that alignment as you walk and deliver your bowling ball.

3. Retain full eye contact with your sighting target on the lane as you walk and deliver your ball.
4. Avoid the urge to thrust your bowling arm in an effort to generate more speed than needed.
If you are using a ball which does not hook a great deal and if you are properly aligned, there is no need to hurl the ball faster than your normal ball speed used for strike deliveries.
5. Make a smooth and full follow-through swing delivery motion, making certain your bowling hand is moving in the direction of your intended ball delivery path.
Give these easy tips a try next time you practice so you gain confidence to use them in competition.
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