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Watch Your Bowling Ball Strike

By:, Originally Posted: 4/25/17; Updated: 10/29/2021

Watch your bowling ball strike.

There is nothing more satisfying in the game than getting strikes.

A big step to increasing your "strike" potential is hitting the pocket with increasing regularity.

Watching your ball carefully travel down the lane and strike also gives you feedback about your overall ball reaction.

When you see you are losing a reliable ball reaction, you will know immediately that an adjustment of some sort is needed.

While you are hitting the pocket consistently, you strike a lot, usually more than 50% of the shots where you hit the pocket.

When you hit the pocket but do not strike, normally you leave routine spares to convert.

If you have developed into a very good spare shooter, then your scores will always be at or near your best.

No bowler carries every pocket hit. Carrying strikes on good pocket hits is cyclic at best where you carry more often one session than another for no apparent reasons.

It is then you must be ready to convert spares and avoid frustrations or anxieties when you do not strike.

As you know, your primary objective is to deliver your ball into the pocket, regardless of your delivery style.

When round objects collide, funny pin carry occurs. We cannot always rely on getting strikes when hitting the pocket but we do know that hitting the pocket is our best chance of getting a strike.

This ultimately leads you to the conclusion that you must become adept at making alignment adjustments, physical technique adjustments, or bowling ball changes when your strike carry percentage or your frequency of pocket hits is reduced.

Line up and then adjust as needed. It really is that simple of a strategy.

Watch your ball carefully as it enters the pocket. You can learn a lot about pin carry from watching your ball impact the pins very closely.

Most instructors will tell you that unless you are well practiced, your two most consistently producing adjustments are positioning adjustments on the approach and at the sight target on the lane and changing bowling balls. Of course, you can change ball speed, loft distance, your release hand action among other fine tuning adjustment option, but for most skilled bowlers changing angles of attack, aim point adjustments, and changing bowling balls when you lose a reliable ball reaction are likely your “go to” adjustments during competition. This is why it is important to watch your bowling ball strike, watch it travel down the lane closely, read your ball reaction, and then commit to what you believe is needed the next time you bowl on the given lane.


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