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Use The 90% Guide For Bowling Ball Speed Consistency

By:, 2/9/17

If you are wondering how fast of ball speed should you use or what speed is actually best for you, use the 90% guide for bowling ball speed consistency.

At this point it is important to recognize that by using a consistent ball speed you benefit from controlling your ball skid distance in the front portion of the lane.

By regulating your ball skid distance, your benefit in gaining a reliable ball reaction, one by which you can align to the pocket or to spares easily.

The objective is to use a speed you can repeat and whereby you can maintain good balance, retain accuracy in your shotmaking, and gain a good ball reaction.

Not everyone, obviously, bowls using the same ball speed. Some bowlers are very athletic and strong and can propel their ball when it leaves their hand at perhaps 24 mph.

Other bowlers not so gifted with strength or physical leverage may only be able to launch the ball off of their hands at maybe 17 mph. Most bowlers are somewhere between the two speeds.

This is when a 90% speed guide can be most effective to every bowler because it is based on your abilities and not on other bowlers skills.

In fact, the 90% guide is not even based on any ball speed charts you may be familiar with or what experts suggest is best for enhancing strike potential.

The 90% guide is a simple, yet effective, technique whereby you simply identify your fastest ball speed you know you can deliver and then back it off to about 90% of full power.

In doing so you retain good body balance and control your release point and thereby improve your accuracy.

The bottom line is to never use more than 90% of your full power so you can bowl with repetitive movements and lock-in a consistent ball speed.

Another factor in gaining a reliable ball reaction is to control your loft distance by controlling the precise moment you release your bowling ball. Your release ideally should occur at or very near the bottom of your forward swing arc and you should complete your swing to a full follow-through position with no deceleration in the follow-through swing movement. By following through consistently, you can regulate your loft distance beyond the foul line and help control your ball skid distance.


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