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Think One Big Game Of Bowling

By:, 9/9/16

So many top tier players will try so hard to get off to a fast start in competition that they often fizzle out event goes on.

If you are one of these players who tries so hard the first game that you risk running out of fuel by getting behind the league or tournament leaders due to a poor first game, then change your thinking about the competition.

In essence, there is not three or four games to your league series or five or more games each session to your tournament event but rather just think one big game of bowling.

There is nothing wrong with lining up, throwing strikes, and getting off with a good frame or game score in any event but do not get frustrated if things are not going your way early on.

If you think of your competition as one big game of bowling, then you will know beforehand that you will record any given number of strikes, of spares, and yes, open frames but you simply will not know in which order they will come.

If you adapt the mental strategy to avoid forcing your shots early in the competition by trying so hard to jump out to a good start, your chances of performing well for the duration of the one big game improve.

Remind yourself that you are bowling one good shot at a time and are not thinking too far ahead of yourself or getting stuck on results of previous frames in your long game.

You realize that in one long game of bowling, the lane conditions will change because the pattern varies from the linage, your ball reaction changes, and you must make good decisions on the spot and execute good shots during the transition times.

This mind set of one long game and in making only one good shot at a time will establish a strategy of working and focusing on every shot without getting overly emotional with any given result or placing a priority one one shot over another.

All advanced players know the heat of competition can adversely affect shotmaking.

If you are prone to getting very nervous or tense entering your competition, merely learn to take steps to relax and deep breathe in and out slowly, calm your nerves, and focus on your very next shot and on how you will deliver your ball and play the oil pattern.

A steady demeanor throughout the one long game can help you perform consistently well more times than not.

Be alert and pay most attention to your bowling ball reaction to tip you off which adjustments you may need or will eventually need to combat the oil pattern. Think about a good start and a good finish to your approach by avoiding hurrying your shots. Bowl when you are ready and focus on making one good shot at a time each shot to make and think one long game of bowling.


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