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Take A Bowling Sedative

If you have found yourself more than a little nervous or anxious when facing pressured bowling situations, take a mental sedative.

Learn to breath slowly in and out and release tension. Understand, you can deal with pressure by relying on key physical fundamentals of your game. Rely on controlled breathing, inhaling and exhaling slowly, to steady nerves.

Allow your body to control your breathing and to slow down your movements so you do not make mistakes rushing your bowling delivery. Not rushing yourself but rather maintaining your normal routine is key to overcoming pressure situations on the lanes.

Understand, your brain is the real key to everything. Regardless of your average or general abilities, your mind can instruct the rest of your body to react smoothly and with precision when encountering out-of-the-ordinary emotions.

Good bowling performances come from being well practiced and being mentally prepared for competition. There are a few simple but time-tested principles to help you through difficult emotions when on the lanes.

Before keying in on physical game strategies when under the gun in competition, learn to control your breathing and steady your heart rate to workable levels. Being “jumpy” is a sure sign of nerves.

Becoming emotional when facing pressured situations in bowling is commonplace for everyone. Avoid getting overly anxious in anticipation of an important session on the lanes before you actually arrive at the bowling center.

You can get nervous when you first look an opponent or opposing team directly in the eye before engaging in competition. Just tell yourself he or she is as nervous as am I so these nerves I feel will not really bother my performance. Look your opponent squarely in the eye, smile, wish them success, and then go to work.

Turn your opponents confidence into an advantage for yourself with the knowledge that you can perform well regardless of how nervous you might feel. Everyone gets a little nervous when needing a strike in an important frame to win a match or to achieve a certain score. You are no different because you are human and all humans must deal with nerves.

Feeling nervous is perfectly natural to everyone. Welcome the added energy you sense when your nerves have you wound up.

Turn this new energy into a useable working energy to fuel your engine for your competitive session. Just make sure you pace yourself and use your energy a little at a time so you don’t experience burn-out before your session is complete.

Pressure creates stress and can tie you up and prevent you from being at your best unless you develop an ability to just allow yourself to do what you are trained to do and just bowl your best and see what the outcome presents.

Just remember that your brain commands your physical body motion. Allow yourself to rely and trust in the messages your brain sends to your body.

Take a deep breath or two and exhale slowly. Focus on making one good shot at a time.

Avoid getting too far ahead of yourself thinking about the end results you desire, but rather work your way through each frame, each game, and each series by thinking only about one good shot at a time.

When you are in the act of preparing to take your approach, think about a good start and then a good finish. Between, focus sharply on your selected sighting target on the lane.

Bowling is a simple game of maintaining good tempo consistently relating both to your swing and footwork, regardless of how nervous you may or may not feel.

Maintain good balance and do not hurry your delivery. Hold your form at the foul line after releasing the bowling ball. Balance is vital to accuracy and good results when bowling under pressure.

Keep it simple. Success comes from tossing away all fear of competition, controlling your nerves, and then developing good physical game fundamentals during your practice sessions so you successfully apply them in competition.

So the very next time you get nervous on the lanes, take your own mental bowling sedative and perform to the level you are capable of doing.