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Similarities Of Beginner And Skilled Bowling Footwork

By:, Originally Posted: 1/15/17; Updated: 2/4/21

There are similarities of beginner and skilled bowling footwork every player can use.

If you are a beginner bowler, or relatively new to the game, and wish to improve your bowling, start from the ground up and work on a few key techniques when taking your steps and slide.

Guess, what? These same keys apply to every bowler, not just for beginner bowlers.

The reason is balance and tempo.

Every bowler must be able to repeat good footwork tempo and walking path direction each time he or she bowls.

Here are a few keys to good bowling footwork design to improve balance and tempo when bowling:

*Use your natural walking stride distance.

*Develop an athletic posture where your upper body weight is directly above your knees from start to finish of your approach movements.

*Maintain a slight amount of knee flex during the first three steps and add more flex in your final sliding step.

*Walk with a smooth and repeating motion to the foul line using a slight heel-to-toe action leading into the slide step.

*The slide step should glide into the approach with most of your weight balanced on the ball of your sliding foot initially and then your weight becomes more evenly distributed on your sliding heel and sole of your bowling shoe.

*Walk with your steps moving to the center of your body mass, particularly on your final two steps.

*Begin your first step with an unhurried movement to trigger a consistent start each time you take an approach to the line for both strike and spare deliveries.

*Slide to the center of your body and under your shine without allowing your hips to spin open as you are releasing your bowling ball.

*Hold your form during your release and follow-through movements until your ball reaches your target on the lane.

Good bowling balance and good tempo are vital to every bowler and especially so when trying to improve in the game. Balance is a vital key to becoming an accurate bowler. A very good strategy is to keep your head and shoulders as motionless as possible while walking to the foul line and to maintain a constant spine angle throughout your approach.


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